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With nearly three decades of business and entrepreneur coaching experience as a former CEO, Thomas “TJ” Loftin founded three successful global businesses, including Express Gold Plating, Compton Wire Wheels and Molded Suspension. Thomas is a manufacturer, distributor and exclusive dealer of dozens of auto parts and accessories, supplying over 100 stores around the world.  He then franchised his business Express Gold Plating and played a pivotal role in creating a new multibillion dollar industry during that time.

His classic cars led him into the film industry as his cars were featured in music videos, movies and television shows. He was invited to be on set of NWA’s reunion movie, Straight Outta Compton and Driving While Black.

TJ was featured in a two page article on the cover of the November issue of Wheels Magazine. Today Loftin still manufactures and ships auto parts around the world and now has a production company called LOF10 Productions. 

He travels across the country giving workshops, coaching, consulting and facilitating Boot Camps & webinars promoting the original hit concept of “Creating Wealth from the Dirt.”  These workshops illustrate how to think outside the box and give examples how to be a leader in your own industry.  Loftin’s presentations are designed to teach clients of all ages how to start lucrative businesses and create a legacies that will withstand the test of time, teaching how to identify and create innovative investment opportunities, and adopt the most successful habits of business-minded people.